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published on February 21st, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

Kim and Steve In The Loop 2-20-08

I had a blast doing NBC’s In The Loop with iVillage.   They have a great team–Producers Glenn Davish and Mary Hynes were a pleasure to work with–and the rest of the production staff was first rate.  The show has 3-hosts and all are very nice.  I was hoping to be paired off with Kim Coles–and I was.  She has a terrific sense of humor, she’s quick and I knew we would work well together.  I’ve really followed her career–from Living Single and guest spots on Fraiser, Six Feet Under, and others–she has that something special that really radiates through the small screen–and hosting a talk show seemed like a perfect.  I say “seemed” (past tense) because it was announced today–same day as my appearance–that In The Loop is being cancelled.  So it was a strange day on the set of the show.  I had heard the news about a week ago–and I’m sure the hosts and staff have known for a few weeks, but today it was in the paper–so its official.  It’s really a shame– the show has truly improved–since January the ratings have been going up AND the show makes money for NBC.  The word on the street is that GE wants to sell NBC after the Olympics–so across the board cuts will sadly be standard business at NBC.  That’s probably why ITL got the heave hoe.  Now getting back to Kim–as I mentioned she’s very nice and her talk show skills are first rate—so who knows–she could land her own talk show.  I wish her the best.

My Green Gadgets segment went well–and was fun to do.  Gadget Nation was mentioned twice during the segment and they showed the book’s cover.  iVillage has a link to the GN website and I think they are posting a sample chapter on their site.  And I must add that flushing a potato on live television, is nothing less than a thrill.  You can catch the In The Loop segment by clicking on this link:

By the way, when you click on the link–you’ll have to watch the end of a cooking segment before the GREEN GADGET segment turns up.  Enjoy.  

GADGET NATION now mid-to-late April

published on February 17th, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

Due to misprint that wasn’t caught by the publisher during the proof stage of the book–one page needs to be reprinted.  This mess-up has set the books launch date back about 2-3 weeks.  So instead of hitting stores April 2nd, we are now looking at mid-to-late April launch date.  Of course I could get another call from the publisher tomorrow and the date could change again–let’s hope not.

Better news is that the CafePress Gadget Nation GEAR link is up and running.  By just going to the site and clicking on GEAR you can purchase Gadget Nation t-shirts, mugs, hats, mousepads and much more.  Check it out.  If you click on the video blog (vlog) to the right of this blog–you can see a few of the items I’ve purchased at the GN GEAR site.  It makes great gifts.

The Gadget Nation STORE–where the inventors will able to sell their inventions  should be up and running in a few weeks.   Keep checking back here to find out the latest.

AND this Wednesday Feb 20th I’ll be on NBC’s IN THE LOOP with iVillage.  Its on most NBC stations coast to coast, usually around noon–but check your local listing just to be sure.

I’ll let you know how In The Loop goes–you’ll get all the backstage poop right here next week.

Keep visiting this blog–and tell your friends about.

For now–blog out.

I’m Holding Gadget Nation !!!

published on February 6th, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

Big day for me–the publisher received a few advanced copies of Gadget Nation and they sent one over to me.  It’s sort of like getting to hold your baby for the first time–except there’s no spit up or poop.  Holding the book, I have to say, its the first time during this very long process that it all seems very real.  In the past I’ve seen computer generated images of the cover, but seeing it in real life is very different.  The orange color (which I wasn’t too crazy about) in reality has more of a metal-like quality and shimmers as light passes over it.  The interior pages are thick and the colors really pop.  I have to say Sterling did a quality job.  I’m really proud of the final product.  I now have to sit back and read it.    If you want to see video of me holding the book–(I know that isn’t much of tease) check out the eyejot video to the right of this blog–just click on it twice–it’s sort of a video blog a.k.a. vlog.  

I’m also hoping that the Inventors showcased in Gadget Nation, will sign on to blog on the Invcntors’ Blog area of  Its a terrific opportunity to let me, the other inventors and the world know what you’ve been up to since GN went to press.  I really feel like we are all in this together and I want to make this site a community for inventors everywhere.