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published on March 22nd, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg


Over the next few weeks I’ll be appearing on TV talking about some cool ON THE GO gadgets

Some of the products are in my new book GADGET NATION

Rear View Mirror Bluetooth Speakerphone— this mirror displays incoming calls on the mirror and has a removable wireless earpiece–so you can use this mirror as a speakerphone or for in-ear use. It will also record voice memos ($140)

Razr-2 cell phone–it’s the only cell phone with unique technology that really takes out background noise during phone conversatons–from Motorola  (there’s an 18K gold edition, that I’m trying to secure for the segment) 

BlackLine GPS – GPS Snitch  By combining high-sensitivity GPS technology with the wireless data capabilities of the cellular telephone system, GPS Snitch provides real-time location tracking over the internet.  GPS Snitch is completely self-contained, requires no installation, and is small enough to be hidden within any car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile.  Simply arm GPS Snitch, hide it, and then track it through, or through text message from a mobile phone.  GPS Snitch is available now from and ($400 plus monthly payment options for the tracking service) 

Life+Gear Personal Safety Device: PSDTOOLS:  Magnetic 6-Bit Tool Kit Included Inside Flashlight. One minute of cranking will yield approximately 1 hour of flashlight power. Innovative Technology- never needs replacement batteries. Powercrank can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise. Generate power anywhere, anytime. The PSDTools provides a reliable source of light, a reliable method of recharging your cell phone, radio access to emergency messages and information or just music.   ($37), Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club & Target 

Life+Gear 6-n-1 PSD NOAA: The 6n1 PSD NOAA Flashlight is perfect to have at home, in the car or on a trip. This innovative flashlight features two super bright RED emergency LED flashers, NOAA National Weather Service alerts, Weatherband, Emergency Radio and AM/FM radio. It also has a cell phone charger, hand crank, battery and DC power options. ($50), Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Target

iRecord  Take movies, TV shows off your DVR and put them on your iPod ($200)

The Accelerometer–much better than a pedometer (which measures steps taken) this actually calculates calories burned from physical movement. Has 9-day memory feature so you can track progress  ($50)

Ropeless Jump Rope–allows you to skip rope in limited space and will not interrupt your workout routine by getting caught in your feet.  Perfect for travel/suitcase.  Let’s you know calories burned and has “talking” mode to let you keep track of your progress.  10-minutes of jumping rope burns about the same calories running an 8-minute mile ($60)

USB FAN–on the road, slaving over your laptop–its hot–but not if you plug in your USB Fan.  Just plug it into your USB port and you have a cool breeze while you work ($15)

USB Vacuum–to keep your work area clean, this mini-vac plugs into your USB port for instant power  ($15) 

Planon‘sDocuPen RC800 color handheld scanner – is capable of storing 100’s of pages into memory and it takes just seconds to scan a page. Choose the mode you want to scan: black and white, standard color or high 24bit color and the resolution from 100 to 400 dpi. You can scan your letters, color documents, pictures and bring them into Paperport software (included with the Docupen). An entire page including text and graphics can be scanned in as little as 4 seconds. $300

Royal Two-Way Watch Radios ($80): The cool way to stay in touch this summer is with Royal’s Two-Way Watch Radios, which let you  talk up to 1.5 miles between radios. The sleek looking wrist radios feature 22 scan channels, 12 hour AM/PM wrist watch, and a backlit LCD display,   Enjoy hours of adventure and fun with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  www.royal.comAgent 18 Eco Cases: These eco-friendly cases are made from recycled materials & are packaged in enclosures that are also made from recycled materials. Agent 18 makes Eco Cases for the iPhone, iPod nano, iPod touch. Agent 18 cases are available in Apple Stores nationwide and range from $20 to $25 

Agent 18 FlowerVest Cases: pink with pink flowers and brown with blue flowers. Designed for the iPod nano and iPod touch, FlowerVest cases are designed to provide maximum protection for the iPod while also adding style with a floral print featured on both sides of the case. Agent 18 FlowerVest cases are available in Apple Stores nationwide for $20 (Nano FlowerVest) and $30 (Touch FlowerVest)

Re-pillable card*  (John Higgins) Let’s you take your pills with you in your wallet  (6-pack for $15 and a 2-pack for $6) This product is profiled in GADGET NATION

TAKE-OUT TIME-OUT Mat*  Invented by a mother of two boys (Lisa Bogart Carvajal) Let’s you take your time out area ANYWHERE.  This product is profiled in GADGET NATION


published on March 17th, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

With Gadget Nation hitting bookstores in about 3 weeks, I’ve started the process of getting the world to notice this event.  The publisher’s PR department and I have started contacting various national TV shows.  I’ve reached out to inventors’ groups nationwide AND I’ve asked the inventors showcased in the book to start contacting their local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.  Gadget Nation’s FIRST press hit occured this week.  I received my March copy of INVENTORS DIGEST and on page 13, there was an article about the book.  Thank you, Inventors Digest.  When I figure out how to do it, I’ll post the article on the IN THE NEWS section of

My monthly In-Studio TV tour will kick in next week–and I’ll start mentioning GN as I show up on TV.  Check out the WHERE’s STEVE? section of the site to see where I’ll be in the next few weeks.