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published on April 25th, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

Gadget Nation on sale in Barnes & Noble on Columbus Dr across from Lincoln Center in NYC 

WOW, what a thrill.  While in NYC, I stopped by at Barnes & Noble across from Lincoln Center, walked in and there it was–GADGET NATION right by the information booth at eye level (see attached photo).  I had to admit it gave me goosebumps.  I think now I have a better understand of how “my” inventors felt seeing their product for sale in a catalog or in a store.  It feels a little like maybe “retail immortality.”  I’ve heard from many of the inventors in the book and they have seen GN in their local Barnes & Noble.  Some found it in a very visible spot of the store–others found it buried in Technology and Science.  I’ve heard that its appeared in Humor, New Releases, and in a section called Oddity (?)

Anyway, I hope you’ll all look for it.  When I came upon it in NYC–the store employee had me autograph the copies on the shelf.  I wanted to write some pithy line and then sign it–but nothing came to me–so I just signed them.

Now if you can’t get to Barnes & Noble–not to worry–you can still buy the book on-line.  Here are two links:

Barnes & Noble:


This month I’ll be on the road trying to spread the word about Gadget Nation.  Check out WHERE’s STEVE to see the details of my schedule…

GADGET NATION is Now in Bookstores

published on April 11th, 2008 . by Steve Greenberg

The Making of GADGET NATION: THE VIDEOHere’s the latest GN News–I heard from a friend in NYC that GN is in Barnes & Noble stores there–AND my brother saw the book in a BN in the Philly area.  The publisher tells me the book is being sent to the Northeast, then East coast, and then it will head West.  So keep checking your local bookstores.  I’m assuming it will show up in Barnes & Noble stores first, then independents and Borders later.  AND since the book is shipping–you can now order it on-line.  Its on and  You can also get it through this site–click on the HOME page, then click on BUY THE BOOK–and you can order through my site.  Here’s the link: 

In other GN News– I’m just about done with the Gadget Nation video.  This will be an embarassing attempt to attract attention for the book.  Its a music video which I hope will spread virally–its goofy, so it may take off.   My friend Joel Kaplan shot the video and is doing the editing–I wrote the song.  The above image was taking during the video shoot.

More news as it happens