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Back 2 School Gadgets !!!

published on July 27th, 2009 . by Steve Greenberg

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Back 2 School Product List

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Vacuum Eraser for blackboards

Rondo dorm room/kids room wall decorations starts at $6

Safe Social Network for young girls starts at $20

Archerfish Internet video camera system (see when the kids come home)

FACE OFF  CHALLENGE Earbuds –all about $20 Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds $20 vs. Koss Sparkplugs $20 vs. Sony Active Style $25

Deos Adding Style to your Apple earbuds $ 10-30

LED Book lights $17

MSI Wind AE 1900 All-In-One Desktop PC under $600

USB Flash Drive starts at $17

Mobile Memory Card starts at $17

KeyKatz (safe way to carry house key for little kids) $12

Bob: The Screen Controller $80

Eco-friendly Backpack $60

PUMGO Scooter $250

LOK8U NUM8 Electronic watch that keeps track of your kids

“Gadget Nation: A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention” available on-line or at Barnes & Noble bookstores  under $20

Wacky on NBC’s Today

published on July 26th, 2009 . by Steve Greenberg

Did you have a chance to catch my WACKY SUMMER GADGETS segment on NBC’s Today Show?

IF you did miss it–here’s a link to the segment:

For more information on Kangoo Jumps; Pumgo; Remote Control Cooler; Digital Camera Swim Mask; Portable Pizza Maker; Remington Body Shaver; Knife and Fork Lift; Ice Glasses and Ice Straws–check out the links in the blog before this one.

Next month–I’m hitting 10 Top TV Markets showcasing Back 2 School gadgets-check out Where’s Steve for details 

Wacky Summer Gadgets on NBC’s Today

published on July 20th, 2009 . by Steve Greenberg

Catch me on Friday’s 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathy Lee Giford

Here are the products I’ll be talking about:


KANGOO JUMPS XR-3 — $230  adding bounce to your exercise program

When the viewers order their Kangoo Jumps, they will receive a 10% discount on their order if they include the promo code ?MYJUMPS? in their order.   LINK: BANNER IMAGE: COMPLETE HTML CODE:  <a href=””> <img src=”” border=”0″></a>

PUMGO–its a scooter crossed with a stair master $250

Areaware’s STRIDA Folding Bicycle – $800   Compact and portable, STRiDA was designed for urban transport. Its unique triangular construction, quick fold time, greaseless rubber chain, and ability to roll when folded–for ease of transport–distinguishes it from other folding bikes on the market. Features a rustproof aluminum frame, cable disc brakes, a luggage rack that holds up to 13 pounds, and a trim 20 pound weight.

One white seen here: , and one Cream seen here: .  The White is a standard 5.0 and retails for $800, and the Cream has a few added features including brown grips, saddle, and mudguards, and retails for $900. The 5.0 is available in a variety of colors including, red, silver, orange, neon green, yellow, black and white. All bikes can be purchased on our website,

KNIFE & FORK LIFT $20 Knife and Fork Lift™ is a combination of utensils and dumbbells that serve as a constant reminder that eating puts weight on and requires exercise to take it off. Lifting food with these utensils is like doing curls with dumbbells. Weight: 1.5 lbs each. Height: 9″

Portable Pizza Oven–make pizza in the car: $36

This 12V portable oven and pizzeria plugs right into your dashboard. High and low settings for cooking and warming. Unique heating elements cook from top to bottom. Built-in fold out carry handle. Easy to clean and maintain. Fine freeway dining

Ice Straws: $10

Add a cool zing to your summer cocktails with this totally cool straw! Re-usable

Ice Glasses: $10

Quite literally the coolest drink! Add water, pop into the freezer and, in a short time, you have frozen glasses. Be creative and freeze Coke, punch or juice or even Jello or chocolate

Branding Iron with changable letters for BBQs $20

Cooking steaks and burgers to perfection is an art. The trouble is that, once they’re done, they all look the same. The BBQ Branding Iron solves this problem. Serve your steaks and burgers with style and avoid mix-ups by branding your meat! Create your name or a message or say just about anything! Comes with 52 letter and spaces

Remote control cooler–have a cold one drive to you: $80

Have your brew come to you. This is a fully functional remote controlled insulated cooler that holds ice and a six pack. It will roam around up to 30 feet, moving forward, backward, left and right. The cooler collapses for portability. Uses 6 “C” size and a 9V battery ( not included ) As the RoomBot sucks, this cooler delivers.

Digital Camera Swim Mask $100

Available only at Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the world’s only swim mask that has an integrated waterproof digital camera, eliminating the need to carry an underwater camera, keeping your hands free as you swim. The 5MP camera can operate to a depth of 15′, making it ideal for use when snorkeling or swimming in pools (VIDEO.) The mask’s eye pieces are made of tempered glass and have integrated crosshairs that allow you to line up shots easily; simply press the shutter button to take pictures or videos. An LED inside the mask tells you if you are in still picture or video mode. Downloading images is as easy as plugging in the mask to your PC’s or Mac’s USB port (USB cable included)–the included software allows you to edit your content. Its built-in 16MB memory can store up to 30 high-resolution pictures (2560 x 1920) or up to 52 seconds of video. A microSD card slot allows you to expand memory for additional pictures or videos. Requires two AAA batteries. Ages 13 and up.

Remington’s BHT-600 Body & Back Groomer $40 Summer means its time to “Manscape” your chest and back The new BHT-600, a body + back groomer.  Remington’s new body and back groomer is great for getting rid of any unwanted hair on the chest, back, abs, groin and legs.  It’s convenient features include an extendable handle (an exclusive detail) for hard-to-reach areas and 360-degree attachments/bi-directional heads for added versatility. Retailing for $39.99, it’s a more affordable alternative than laser hair removal and can be used in or out of the shower.  With summer quickly approaching, this is a tool every guy will want to own so that he can hit the beach or pool with confidence. The BHT-600 is available at TigerDirect.

Good bye to a trusted voice…

published on July 18th, 2009 . by Steve Greenberg

Meeting my hero, Walter CronkiteMaybe someone can make the arguement that in today’s world getting the “news” from many sources is better than getting it from just a few–it seems logical–more voices–more options.  But when I look at the reality of today’s world verus the world when Walter Cronkite dominated the airwaves–there’s no doubt that today we are getting more noise– but far less journalism– far less important information.   The noise is so loud that only exaggerated personalities and extreme opinions can be heard above the shouting–facts, investigative journalism–don’t sell, don’t make money, and are too quiet to be heard in today’s world. 

Walter Cronkite was a hero of mine– I had the honor of meeting him in the early 1990’s.  He was a smart, well spoken, fine human being.  He took the time to talk to young reporter.  He was very approachable.  It was one of those rare moments when you get to meet your hero and you are not disappointed by the experience.

I am, of course, sad at his passing.  But he lived a long full celebrated life.  I am, instead, sadder for the rest of us–Walter Cronkite’s passing is a quiet reminder how far today’s journalism has fallen from his standard.   Listen to the silence.

Now back to the noise–already in progress.