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PET GADGETS–on NBC’s Today Show

published on September 15th, 2009 . by Steve Greenberg

You can catch me on Friday Sept 18th Today Show–4th Hour with Hoda and Kathy Lee

Here’s a list of the products I’ll be showcasing during that segment:


 -Mo-Bowl its a won’t spill bowl that goes in cup dispensor of most cars–Rich Skowronski is the inventor and his story is the FIRST story in my book Gadget Nation  And for more on Rich’s Mo-Bowl   FYI–Rich’s dog is named Bonnie–and she deserves some credit for this invention too 

-Zoombak Dog Tracker– this little gadget fits on your dog’s collar and you can use it to keep an electronic eye on your dog.  You can set it up so that if he leaves a certain zone, it will send you a text message.  You can even see your dog’s location history (can go back 90-days)

-Pet Treadmill–At $600 this is a luxury item–but it will keep your dog fit.  No more skipping a walk or a run on bad weather days–with the Pet Treadmill–every day is walk day.  $600

-Pet Murphy Bed–you dog needs a comfy bed but you don’t have the room to store it–this hide-away bed is the solution 800-824-7777

-Talk To Me Treat Ball–This ball has built in voice recorder and stores treats inside… when you dog plays with it–it will randomly releases treats and the moton triggers pre-recorded messages from the pets owner.  Your dog will never even know you left the house   $20

-i-Pet Intelligent Pet Dish– your pet won’t miss a meal OR the sound of your voice, when you’re gone.  This tray can serve up to 4 meals–you set the timer and it reveals self opening food trays —you can also record messages to your puppy on this high tech pet dish $50

-Vibrating Pet Massager–Everybody loves a massage and pets are no exception.  This vibrating massager lets you bring the stress relief of a massage to your furry friend   $7

-GoDogGo– This must have toy automatically plays fetch with your dog.  AND if you can teach your dog to return the tennis balls into the GoDogGo pail–then your dog can have hours of fun and you don’t even need to be in the same time zone.  $120

-Bubble Buddy and bacon scented bubbles–this gun shoots bubbles–and you can now get bubbles in lots of cainine loving flavors/scents–for example bacon scented bubbles–no dog can resist jumping at these bubbles–its hours of fun

Here are some #1 Pet Gadgets from

Kong Dog Toy This is the #1 Dog Toy according to the editorial website Check out the link at:

Go-Cat Cat Catcher–This is the #1 Cat Toy according to the editorial website Check out the link at:

 Pet Gear Inc. Happy Trails Pet Stroller is the #1 Pet Carrier according to  

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