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published on November 3rd, 2010 . by Steve Greenberg

Time to shop for those holiday gifts– no ideas?  Here are few products I’ve found that seem like great choices:


BARBIE POCKET LEARNER from Oregon Scientific–Texting Barbie-style?  You bet! Little girls can send text-like messages to Barbie on this cool portable device that looks just like mom and dad’s Blackberry.  Realistic introduction to handheld devices that includes 8 activities (in the areas of communication, planning, exploration, vocabulary, numbers, counting, memory, and logical reasoning).  Makes fun learning on the go (includes a handy strap with fun Barbie charms) that encouraging tech-friendly skills (QWERTY keyboard and number keys; Animation and Emoticon buttons).  The audio content is from Barbie herself.  Priced at $19.99.  Available at Wal-Mart, for more information check out

WOWEE ONE— Remember the old Boombox?  Huge speakers making huge sound and so big it had to be carried on your shoulders.  Wowee One is a compact boombox for today.  And best of all it turns everyday surfaces such as walls, windows, table, countertop into a high quality speaker.  It’s a rechargeable, pocket-sized, speaker+subwoofer that provides room-filling sound and deep bass for mobile devices.  It works with iPads, iPhones, MP3 players, laptops, and mobile phones.  Wowee One sells for $79.99 and is available on, J&,, and
Soulr WOWee One Compact Portable Speaker
.  For more information check out

KODAK M590 DIGITAL CAMERA—This digital camera is the world’s thinnest 5X optical zoom digital camera.  It has built-in image stabilization as well as HD images and video capture.  But the truly stand out feature on the M590 is the Share Button.  This button allows you to tag your photos right in the camera for emailing or easy uploading to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Kodak Gallery, and others.  And once you plug your camera into your computer, you it can automatically send the same photo to different sites.  This camera can also recognize up to 20 pre-tagged faces so and up to five faces in a single image.  It’s about $200 at Newegg and you can get more information at

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DeLORME EARTHMATE PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator—If you love adventure then this is the gift for you.  This GPS is perfect for explorers who journey outside of their cell phone coverage.  The DeLorme Earthmate is the world’s first handheld GPS that lets you send SPOT satellite text messages to email recipients and even post messages with your location to Facebook and Twitter when outside cell coverage.  Ideal for anyone who ventures beyond the limits of their cell phone on water or off-road and wants to stay in touch.  It retails for $549.95 and is available at Amazon, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain or online at

FUJITSU SCAN-SNAP S1300 Mobile Scanner— For the road warrior in your life, a portable scanner is a must-have gift.  This one from Fujitsu takes document scanning to a whole new level. Whether you’re at home digitizing receipts, bank statements or term papers or on the road scanning business cards or important documents, the ScanSnap can do it all and does it fast.  It can scan up to 8 double-sided pages per minute, holds up to 10 pages in the automatic document feeder, works with both PC and Mac, one button PDF creation, PDF, and JPEG, scan to editable Word and Excel files and it is USB or AC powered.  All that and its portable.  The ScanSnap costs under $300 and its available at    and at online retailers such as Amazon.

PANDIGITAL NOVEL 7-INCH COLOR MULTIMEDIA EREADER–  A hot category in this year’s holiday tech gifts has to be eReaders.  This one has a bunch of built-in features making it noteworthy.  First of all Pandigital has touch-screen control and supports most file formats so you can use it to buy the latest bestseller, download free content from the web or borrow a book electronically from your library.  The content provider is Barnes & Noble.  It has 1GB internal memory, so it can holds hundreds of books and periodicals. Since it also has expandable memory, you can use it to carry not only your library but also video and music files.  It has wifi/wireless LAN connectivity for easy downloads and web access.  It also has a built-in dictionary, word search, variable font sizes, multiple bookmarks, virtual keyboard, web, e-mail, alarm clock, games and tools.  Its $169 and its available at  Bed, Bath and Beyond  

FOSTER GRANT LIGHTSPECS—Here’s the perfect gift for the over-40 crowd.  These glasses provide a solution for two problems in one product.  LightSpecs are both magnified lenses for near-vision and they have built-in powerful LED lights.  So they are the perfect companion for reading in bed, on airplanes, or for the all too common menu reading in dimly-lit restaurants.  The batteries are easily replaced and are supposed to last over 50 hours.  LightSpecs cost $24.99 and are available at CVS and Publix stores.  More information can be found at

WESTINGHOUSE  32” – LD-3255 LED-TV— You seriously can’t put together a holiday tech gift guide without including a LED flat screen television.  Experts are saying this will be the hot gift for 2010 Holiday Season.  I looked around and this 32-inch from Westinghouse seems like it has the most bang for the buck.  The set is extremely versatile – perfect for movies and gaming.  It’s less than 2-inches thick and weighs under 30-pounds so it’s easy to mount on the wall.  Its energy efficient since it uses less energy than a 60 watt bulb.  And with edge lit LED technology it works in most lighting environments.  Now here’s the best part—the price—you can find this 32-inch HD LED TV for as low as $349.99.  Check out Costco and Amazon for more details.

WI-FIRE— (Audience Giveaway) We live in a world where connecting to the Internet is critically important.  Here’s a gift idea to make that task so much easier.  Wi-Fire is a range-extending USB device that lets you to connect to WiFi networks as far as 1000-feet away.  That’s about 3-times as far as you can typically connect with a netbook or laptop.  It’s perfect for road warriors but also a great gift for people who live or work in areas with weak WiFi signals. Wi-Fire is easy to set-up and works with Windows, Mac and Linux.  It costs $49.95 – go to for the online store and a list of retailers.

GADGET NATION: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE ECCENTRIC WORLD OF INVENTION—Here’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves gadgets, inventions and the entrepreneurial spirit of America.  Gadget Nation looks at more than 100 off-beat gadgets and the inventors behind those gadgets.  You’ll learn what they did right and what they did wrong.  Now I’m not just recommending this book because I wrote—well, maybe I am.  But it is a fun read, great for the whole family, and it’s NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND AS AN EBOOK.  You can check it out at It’s under $15 and available at Barnes & Noble, Books & Books,