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Gadget Nation on Radio

published on June 20th, 2011 . by Steve Greenberg

Bob Sirott & Marianne Murciano interview Steve Greenberg on WGN Radio 720 Chicago,0,4810830.mp3file  


Bag the Tie, Dads want TECH!!

published on June 13th, 2011 . by Steve Greenberg

Here are some more out of the box Dads Day gift ideas–

For the road warrior Dad, here’s a smart phone from Motorola—it’s the ATRIX-4G, besides being very fast, very powerful—it also can plug into this LAP DOCK which basically turns this phone into a laptop.  You can surf the web with Firefox Browser, view Flash video content (including Hulu and ESPN) and still use your phone as a phone—making calls and texting—now that’s a smart phone. It’s $99 with 2-yr contract and lap dock $199 with rebate

For Dads looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot camera to something more serious—check out the new NIKON D-5100 D-SLR under $900 with lens.   Its 16.2 megapixel, 4 frames per second of high speed continuous shooting and no shutter lag. It also has a 3-inch rotating LCD view screen and shoots High Def video and stills—it even has special effects like selective color, color sketch, and night vision.

Does your Dad have an un-used guitar collecting dust in a closet? If so, check this out.  It’s RAW TALENT GUITAR (under $200) — a teacher, amp and band—all in one box.  It teaches guitar technique, reading music, and how to play solo versus playing with other musicians. You can even mix in real time your guitar playing skills with popular rock favorites.

And finally, for Dads that share the housework—this should make life a little easier—it’s the SCOOBA 230, new from iRobot, this super small floor cleaner intelligently cleans up so you don’t have to. It has two water compartments—one for the clean water it sprays down, one for the dirty water it squeegees up and is small enough to clean around the toilet. Just push one button and it starts the process.  Cool, huh?