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Summer Fun on Today

published on July 23rd, 2011 . by Steve Greenberg

If you missed it live–here’s a link to my Wed TODAY Show segment with Hoda and KLG–

Forget the new lunchbox, Back To School is now High Tech

published on July 17th, 2011 . by Steve Greenberg

Here are some of the cool must have’s for your student–

Philips Wake Up Light and iPod Dock— wake up in natural way—this alarm clock/dock has a built in light that slowly turns on mimicking sunrise—and you can wake up to your favorite playlist or pre-recorded nature sounds or even FM radio. The light gradually increases 30 minutes before your wake up time. And with the dusk simulation you can drift to sleep at night by letting the light slowly dim to off. With the built in dock you can charge your iPod or iPhone and access your music. The light has 20 different light settings and can reach a maximum of 300 Lux. It’s $109.99 and is available at  also known as

Belkin N600 Wireless Dual Band N+ Router—perfect for dorm/home—and designed specifically to handle multiple devices at the same time. This is the fastest N600 router at long range compared to other leading brands. Meaning in the average home you will have top quality wi-fi coverage several rooms away from the router. It’s exclusive MultiBeam technology minimizes dead spots for best video streaming from more than one device, virtually anywhere in your home. This new Belkin N600 Dual-Band N+ Router was designed specifically to handle multiple students surfing the web for research projects, downloading music, streaming video– while still letting mom and dad check e-mail and shop online at top speed. The Belkin N600 Wireless Dual Band N+ Router is $79.99 and available at most big box and office supply stores.    AND– Get a Free Belkin Router!!!
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HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer with a new feature called HP ePrint—you can email documents right to the printer from your cell phone or any device with Internet access. Print documents such as Microsoft Office documents and .pdf files or lab-quality photos from anywhere, at any time and from any internet connected device. You can customize your ePrint address and you can limit who can send materials to that address. And with the easy to use touch screen control you can access “Quick Forms” applications to print notebook paper, calendars, graph paper, music paper and more. HP Printers with ePrint start at $99, this printer is $149 with rebate. Learn more about HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One and HP ePrint at  and at  

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide –it’s the smartphone kids will be asking for. Just released, this super kid friendly smartphone offers a full touch-screen and slide-out full-QWERTY keyboard. It’s designed to deliver 4G speeds on America’s largest 4G network covering more than 200 million people. The new myTouch 4G Slide also offers new features including the most advanced camera of ANY smartphone. It’s 8.0 megapixel camera with zero shutter lag, rapid burst shots, panoramic photography, and more. And after you take these amazing pictures, there’s easy one-touch posting to Facebook, Picasa or Flickr. There’s also a full HD 1080p camcorder with the ability to edit video. You can do live video chat with Qik. With T-Mobile-TV you can watch live and on-demand television programming. You can also watch Netflix and other movie services and you have access to more than 200,000 apps. And guess what? It also can be used as phone—so maybe you can use it to call Mom and Dad. The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide is $199.99 (after a $50 rebate) with the standard 2-year service agreement. It’s available beginning July 27 at T-Mobile retail stores, select national retailers and online at  

3M MP180 Wireless Pocket Projector—Big screen TV that fits in the palm of your hand. The new 3M MP 180 Wireless Pocket Projector lets you project movies, photos or PowerPoint presentations against any flat surface with an image up-to 80-inch. And since it now has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can wirelessly transfer files to the device. The Pocket Projector can be used with any gaming device—Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, DVD Player, Video camera –anything with a video out signal. AND with WiFi you can project web content including NetFlix onto a big screen—perfect for a dorm room—or an office on the go. The 3M MP 180 Wireless Pocket Projector is under $450, other models start at about $350 and it’s available at OfficeMax and Amazon. For more info go to  

The All-New NOOK is The Simple Touch Reader™ is perfect for any student who loves to read. No buttons, this eReader is totally touchscreen. The black and white non-glare E-ink is easy on the eyes and lets you read outside in sunlight. It has the most advanced E-ink available anywhere. This NOOK has the fastest page turns—beating the Kindle. It has the longest battery life (about 2 months on a single charge)—beating the Kindle. It’s ultra-light and thin design, just under 7.5 ounces, helps alleviate the bulk in your backpack. It even fits a jacket, pocket, or purse. Cool features including a one step, one touch to highlight words or get a word’s definition. The NOOK has 2 gigs on board to hold about 1000 books, but you can add an mico-SD card to up the storage to 32 gigs (that’s about 16,000 books). The NOOK has most fully integrated social reading experience. You can share quotes from the book you are reading on various social networks and with the NOOK social network your next great read is just a touch away with personalized recommendations from your NOOK friends. The new NOOK is $139 at Barnes & Noble stores and online at

SBYKE is the latest evolution of the kick scooter. This hybrid scooter combines the worlds of BMX and skateboarding. This rear-steering scooter is lightweight, weighing only 13 lbs. but can hold an adults up to 220 lbs. to ride long distances. And when you are not using it, you Sbyke fits easily into the trunk of most cars. SBYKE can go virtually anywhere. With its large front tire, it easily rolls over bumps, cracks in roads and sidewalks, and when you are done with it stands upright in your garage. For ages 8 and up, the Sbyke retails for $249.99 on and on the company’s website,

3izs (Three Eyes) is a cool new weather resistant accessory for Smartphones and Compact Video Cameras that allows students to safely capture video handsfree. 3izs allows quick and easy access your Phone, Music, Apps, Emails, Texts. It can be set up for vertical or horizontal video capture. 3izs can be worn on your torso or strapped to your arm, leg, bike, board… virtually anywhere. Protects your Smartphone from the elements and still lets you access your touch screen controls without removing it from the case. 3izs is perfect for biking, skiing snowboarding, roller coaster, kayak, fishing, and more. It costs $39.00 and it’s available at