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Food Network serves up INVENTION HUNTERS

published on April 15th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

It’s official my new show on the Food Network — INVENTION HUNTERS will be on Monday’s 9pm ET/PT–starting May 14th

Check out the promo for the show:


Smart Solutions

published on April 2nd, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

Here’s more info on some of my Smart Solutions–UNDER $30 or FREE!!!

Power2U– is the ONLY home-safe, UL Listed in-wall product on the market that incorporates two traditional three-prong AC wall sockets along with two USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 ports for charging and/or powering up to four devices at once.  From Newer Technology, this easy to install AC/USB outlet eliminates the clutter created by multiple cables and unsightly bulky power adapters.  This outlet is also energy efficient with spring-loaded “Safety Shutters” that turn power off to the USB ports to eliminate wasteful “vampire” energy usage.  Available in White, Black, Ivory, and Light Almond.  The cost is $27.99 or $22.99 each when buying two or more—available at Other World Computing at


Drop Stop– is a neoprene (wet suit material) flexible wedge that blocks that annoying and frustrating yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console.  No more lost change and hard to retrieve cell phones.  But most importantly, Drop Stop prevents driver distraction by keeping your eyes on the road, not in the gap.  Drop Stop fits any car or truck—from the smallest of gaps (1/4 an inch) to the widest ones (3 and 1/2 inches).  Neoprene is very durable making Drop Stop last the life of your car, and future ones to come.  Neoprene is also stain resistant so whatever you spill on it you can simply wipe it right off or use a damp cloth and it is good as new.  Drop Stop blends with any color interior as the gap between the center console and seat is ALWAYS a dark black shadow so once you install it, you won’t even know it is there until it Stops The Drop.  Drop Stop slides back and forth with the seat when you move or adjust your seat.  A set of 2 Drop Stops, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side (as the product is universal and works on both gaps) plus an LED Credit Card Light as well as Slide Free Pad for $19.99.  For more information go to

Mastrad–Mastrad TopChips Chips Maker– allows for the creation of fat-free chips using the microwave in just a matter of minutes! Requiring no oil or grease, simply slice the desired fruit or vegetable with the handy mandolin, place chips on the non-stick silicone tray, put them in the microwave and voila! The result is crispy, flavorful, guilt-free chips. The cost is $19.99 at:

Mastrad Silicone Mitt–The essential kitchen must-have, Mastrad’s Silicone Mitt offers style, protection and comfort for both the amateur cook and expert gourmand. Complete with a non-slip grip, removable cotton lining and made of non-staining, non-blackening silicone, this item offers versatility and quality all in one.  Cost $14.99 at —If your computer isn’t running as responsive as you would like—the problem could be that your RAM isn’t large enough. has a FREE service—just go to their site and hit the “Scan My System” button.  That triggers a free evaluation of your computer and a suggestion of the proper RAM upgrades.  A memory upgrade is an inexpensive way to overhaul your computer.  It’s easy to do and the cost is around $30-80.  Visit for more information.

TripIt  App — makes getting there easier, by organizing all your trip plans in one place. It’s a new way to travel smarter, by having everything with you on-the-go. TripIt creates an itinerary in seconds – just email all of your airline and hotel confirmations to and TripIt puts together an itinerary and can add the information into your calendar. TripIt will also organize other activities like restaurant reservations and concert tickets.  Ultimately, you’ll get more out of each trip, because TripIt puts your itinerary to work for you. TripIt is easy to use and it’s FREE—get more information at or from any mobile device

Roamz App —is a location-based application that helps people find out what is happening at places around them in real-time. With so much unfiltered noise in the social web, it’s extremely difficult for individuals to make sense of the activity that is happening around them, much less things they are actually interested in. The application intelligently curates social activity from multiple networks and seamlessly integrates it with content contributed from the Roamz community, giving users a holistic view of what is buzzing nearby. It’s like social goggles for the real world, showing you places and activities according to your personal interests and preferences. The more you use Roamz the smarter it gets, so no matter where you are you will get the inside word from those in the know, and never miss out on local gems again.  Best of all—Roamz is FREE. For more information check out or via iTunes at

2 Cam Shoot App —let’s you utilize BOTH cameras on your iPhone so that you can take video recording to the next level.  Let’s face it–just about every video would be better with you in it.  2 Cam Shoot let’s you switch between the iPhone’s front and back cameras while recording video. Without this app, the only way you can record a video that showcases yourself and something else is by attempting to swing the phone around, losing sight of the screen, and just guessing what image is being recorded.  Certainly not a smooth option.  2 Cam Shoot ends that awkward bumpy camera move.  By using this app, you are able to simply switch between the front and back cameras by just touching the icon on the screen.  Video recording on your iPhone will never be the same.  Put yourself into the video and make every shoot a 2 Cam Shoot.  App fee 99 cents.  You can get it for FREE by registering at


Re-Pillable Card–is the first and only wallet pill carrier card.   You can carry up to 5 life saving Aspirin or pills, over the top credit card, without taking up wallet space.  There is an open space at the top of all wallets and we invented the Re-Pillable Card to fit in this space. Aspirin is recognized as helping during a heart attack and with the Re-Pillable Card, “your aspirin is just a wallet reach away.” Available at, a 2 pack sells for $4.