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Dads don’t want ties–They want GADGETS !!!!

published on May 18th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

Dad’s Day Gift Ideas

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) to provide a full picture of your weight trends. This Wi-Fi enabled scale helps you reach your target weight by letting you set goals, track your progress, and stay motivated every day. Your stats automatically upload to your on-line Fitbit dashboard through Wi-Fi, where you can get a more comprehensive view of your health and fitness and track your eating and exercise habits. Set up is fast; the scale can be set up to automatically recognize up to 8 users. You can check your progress from your computer or with a free smartphone app. The scale is available in your choice of black or white for $129.95.  Fitbit Aria scale is available at and at Best Buy, Amazon, and other national retailers.

iBike POWERHOUSE™ is complete fitness system for your bike.  It’s the only fitness system that combines precision cycling power measurement with a personalized cycling program designed around your fitness level and goals to give you maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  iBike POWERHOUSE offers a variety of goal-oriented fitness plans for cyclists of all levels developed by world-class cycling expert Hunter Allen. POWERHOUSE’S continuous feedback and audio coaching keep you motivated and on-target.  The program also incorporates periodic re-assessments that automatically adjust your plan to accelerate results.  Choose from 2 pre-installed plans or purchase additional plans on iTunes. The package includes:  weather-proof case and bike mount for your iPhone, speed/cadence sensor, iBike POWERHOUSE app with two pre-installed plans: iSlim® and CycleMaxTM. The iBike Powerhouse is $279 at Apple Stores and on-line at

Nest Learning Thermostat learns about you and your home to automatically turn itself down when you’re away, guide you to energy-efficient temperatures when you’re home, and free you from programming hassles by creating a customized temperature schedule. With heating and cooling accounting for approximately 50%—or more than $1,000 per year—of the average household energy bill, Nest can make a noticeable difference by helping you reduce your energy consumption. Just answer a few setup questions, make a week’s worth of temperature adjustments, and Nest takes it from there. You can use the Nest Web and Mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android) for remote control.  Nest Learning Thermostat is $249 on and on

VTech’s new Connect to Cell phone (DS6521-2) is perfect for the dad who juggles work calls and personal calls at home.  It combines mobile and landline calls into one easy-to-use home phone system. Dad no longer has to miss calls because of a misplaced cell phone or bad cell reception.  This home phone system lets dad answer landline and cell phone calls using BLUETOOTH wireless technology, delivering better sound quality and fewer dropped calls when mobile users are at home. An ideal choice for people who rely on their mobile phones but want better communication at home, VTech’s new one-button pairing feature makes setup a cinch for first-time users. Even consumers without landline phone service can use the system to improve their cellular calls and make outbound calls using cellular minutes while at home, with the convenience and comfort of a cordless handset. This system can register up to two BLUETOOTH wireless technology-enabled cell phones and offers the ability to expand up to five handsets (DS6501, MSRP: $19.95). This phone also features a digital answering system, Eco Mode operation, access to a 200-name cell phone directory and silent ringer options.  The cost is $59.95 and it is available at

OnStar FMV Give Dad the gift of safety.  OnStar is not just for GM cars, you can now add it to almost any car. OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) keeps Dad safe and connected out on the road, with services like Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Hands-Free Calling and Automatic Crash Response.  Simple to use, it only requires changing your current rearview mirror for the OnStar FMV mirror.  For a limited time only, you can purchase FMV for $99.99 including installation. For more details and vehicle compatibility please visit, is the premier website for transforming your digital photographs into brilliant works of art.  Dads love taking pictures, but they love seeing their photos up on the wall even more.  Why keep the amazing photos you take trapped in your computer or memory cards? Display and enjoy them!  Perfect for the dad who snaps photos of vacations, his kids, family, parties, graduations, etc.  MyPix2Canvas uses a very simple 3 step process to get your photo from digital image to canvas.  Simply visit, choose the size desired, upload the image, and edit the image in the simple design studio.  Sizes and prices vary, but range from an 8×10 for $31.80 to a 40×60 for $350. AND if you use this coupon code:  mba30mypix –you’ll get 30% off the order price—this offer expires 8/8/12

Drop Stop– is a neoprene (wet suit material) flexible wedge that blocks that annoying and frustrating yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console. No more lost change and hard to retrieve cell phones. But most importantly, Drop Stop prevents driver distraction by keeping your eyes on the road, not in the gap. Drop Stop fits any car or truck—from the smallest of gaps (1/4 an inch) to the widest ones (3 and 1/2 inches). Neoprene is very durable making Drop Stop last the life of your car, and future ones to come. Neoprene is also stain resistant so whatever you spill on it you can simply wipe it right off or use a damp cloth and it is good as new. Drop Stop blends with any color interior as the gap between the center console and seat is ALWAYS a dark black shadow so once you install it, you won’t even know it is there until it
Stops The Drop. Drop Stop slides back and forth with the seat when you move or adjust your seat. A set of 2 Drop Stops, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side (as the product is universal and works on both gaps) plus an LED Credit Card Light as well as Slide Free Pad for $19.99. For more information go to

2CamShoot App –let’s you utilize BOTH cameras on your iPhone so that you can take video recording to the next level. Let’s face it–just about every video would be better with you in it. 2 Cam Shoot let’s you switch between the iPhone’s front and back cameras while recording video. Without this app, the only way you can record a video that showcases yourself and something else is by attempting to swing the phone around, losing sight of the screen, and just guessing what image is being recorded. Certainly not a smooth option. 2 Cam Shoot ends that awkward bumpy camera move. By using this app, you are able to simply switch between the front and back cameras by just touching the icon on the screen. Video recording on your iPhone will never be the same. Put yourself into the video and make every shoot a 2 Cam Shoot. The app fee is just 99-cents. Find out more at

Gadget Nation—my book about garage inventors and their off-beat gadgets makes the perfect gift for any Dad.  It’s available in hard cover and now also paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at other fine bookstores.  AND just this month it was released as an eBook.  Here are the links—

For Nook users –Barnes & Nobel:

For Kindle users –Amazon:

For iPad users –Apple:

For ALL users –Fast Pencil:

—-Happy Dad’s Day !!!!

Gadget Nation is NOW an eBOOK !!!

published on May 17th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

My book Gadget Nation has taken the leap from analog to digital–its now available as an eBook for every platform–and I have to thank the folks at Fast Pencil for making this transformation possible.  Please check out the links below

For Nook users –Barnes & Nobel:

For Kindle users –Amazon:

For iPad users  –Apple:

For ALL users –Fast Pencil:

Check out the DigiDame

published on May 10th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

DigiDame and the Innovation Insider

There are thousand upon thousands of blogs out there–in fact you’re reading one now–but there’s only one that truly tries to explain the world of technology to those who are not so tech savvy–the blogger is Lois Whitman and in the blogisphere she is known as the DigiDame and on twitter at @DigiDameLois

The DigiDame explores everything from cool apps you should know about to, kick starter, 0hours, and so much more.  She explains Twitter and Facebook– and she does it with style and most importantly, she does it so EVERYONE can understand the concepts.

As we get older, its so easy to become less relevant.  Technology is overwelming and frankly, its just easier to sit back and say “who cares.” But as long as we live in this world, its critical that we understand it.  Technology is a big part of our world and we all need to care about this ever changing aspect of civilization.  Lois Whitman is providing a service.  She is explaing technology to a segment of our society that many are very comfortable ignoring.  Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in the US–to ignore them is a huge mistake.  The DigiDame is educating them and keeping them relevant.

So whether you’re a senior–or just someone who feels disconnected from the digital world–follow the DigiDame.