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Holiday Gift Gadgets –from a plush toy for your cell phone to a jail for your cell phone

published on November 15th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

Appy Petz — My Appy Petz are the most expressive, huggable pets you can have.  Collect all four —Appy Monster, Appy Puppy, Appy Pony, and Appy Bear. My Appy Petz,on their own they are fun and cuddly, BUT add the magic of your iTouch or iPhone, and they come to life right before your very eyes.  There’s so much you can do and share with your My Appy Petz including sing a song, feed them, have them speak silly phrases, give them kisses, play games, make them dizzy and take care of them morning, noon, and night.  My Appy Petz provides two entertainment experiences—as part of your favorite My Appy Petz to bring the plush to life OR as a digital virtual experience within you own iPhone or iTouch.  So enjoy and explore the world of My Appy Petz everywhere you go and know that your favorite Petz is with you all the time. Check out the My Appy Petz TV commercial at: It’s $19.99 for more information go to


FitBit One — Fitbit One is now available for the holidays.   The newest Fitbit Tracker, Fitbit One is a small, easy to use, wearable wireless activity monitor that tracks steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed and calories burned PLUS sleep.   This small device will keep you motivated to move and help you get fit throughout the day – and let you know your activity level.  The information is captured in this tiny device is wirelessly synced to your fitbit web account.   So that you can track your trends, and set Fitness goals — online or on the Fitbit App.   Fitbit also has a lot of tools to keep you on track — such as logging food, connecting with Friends and family for a little friendly competition, and even earning fitness badges. It’s $99.95 and is available at, Best Buy and Apple Stores.


Acoustic Research MVP Portable Wireless Speaker with customizable Skinit Skin— The AR MVP Portable Wireless Speaker lets you take your tunes wherever you go. The ultra-portable and weather resistant speaker streams music wirelessly through Bluetooth enabled devices or through a 3.5mm jack. It’s perfect for all smartphone, tablet or mp3 users and great for tailgates, dorm rooms or parties at home. With personalization by Skinit, you can customize the speaker with your favorite team, college, Hollywood Icon or personal photo. It’s $129.99 and available at Best Buy, Lowes, RadioShack, hh greg.

Audiovox Car Connection— is a revolutionary Telematics device lets the consumer Monitor, Manage, and Maintain their vehicle’s health, driving habits, location, and through optional ZoomSafer technology, even restrict cell phone usage while driving. Car Connection is a Do-It-Yourself device that simply plugs in under a vehicles dashboard in the OBDII port which is available on all cars post 1996.  It’s $169.99 and available at Sears and Pep Boys.  For more info go to


SodaStream Source—Just out this month, SodaStream has partnered with Yves Béhar, world-renowned designer and social entrepreneur – the result is the new Source, an elegantly-designed soda maker that combines beauty, functionality and efficiency.  Slick and sophisticated, just push one button and you turn water into cheaper and healthier soda. It becomes a family ritual – whether you want to make fizzy water, or one of SodaStream’s own flavors, from their range of over 60 flavor syrups. Powered by a refillable CO2 canister, the refined mechanics of SodaStream Source make the entire top surface responsive to touch allowing you to create three levels of fizziness, clearly visible on an LED display, while a new Snap-Lock mechanism makes the system quick, simple and easy to use. Source, is priced from $129.99 and is available at top department stores and retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and other fine retailers.  Visit  to learn more.


Cell Lock-Up – From EB Brands, this jail throws the book at annoying cell phone interruptions: no more calls during dinner…no more on-the-sly texting and game playing…no more distractions to family quality time. Cell Lock-Up is just that — a jail cell just the right size to imprison up to six cell phones at a time, complete with bunk beds and stanchions.  To maintain the peace, cell phones are sentenced to 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes with an easy-to-use push button timer.  A judge’s voice announces the sentence as the door clangs shut.  Once all cell phones have served their time, the judge issues his decree that “justice is served,” and the cell phone users are “free to rejoin digital society!” And if someone tries to spring a phone before time is up, an alarm sounds and a guard announces, “Alert! Alert! Break-out in progress!”  Whether it’s family time, a business meeting, dinner party or other social interaction, Cell Lock-Up is the most amusing antidote to cell phone addiction you’ll ever find.       Cell Lock-Up will be available at retail stores including Bed Bath & Beyond and at  $19.99


Necomimi are Brainwave Cat Ears that move in real time according to the users moods. The ears use three emotional states to create cat-like reactive movements that show how interested or relaxed the wearer is.  When something catches the user’s attention, the ears shoot straight up.  When the wearer is relaxed, the ears droop down.  When both highly focused and highly relaxed–or “in the zone”–the ears will wiggle back and forth. They also offer a variety of ears to choose from, including Obsidian Black, Minky Brown, Jungle Leopard, and Devilish Horns.  The product is available for $99.95 and colored ears can be purchased from $19.95 on


Holiday Gift Ideas–from Spidey to a Home Theater that fits in the Palm of your Hand

published on November 9th, 2012 . by Steve Greenberg

Everyone loves Spidey – –The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game lets you go beyond this summer’s feature film into the return to New York. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man and co-creator Stan Lee’s 90th birthday, so to mark this special year, the video game has additional content where you can actually play Stan Lee himself! <Here you can see Stan using Spider-Man’s powers to get around.

Next, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron lets you fight through the epic final battles on the Transformers’ dying home planet before they came to earth. There is a huge variety of gameplay and you can change into a vehicle at any time! With the stakes higher you can even change into these fire-breathing legendary dino-bots!

Both of these games are available on multiple platforms – such as Playstation and x-Box.

All great games have exciting sound effects—so headphones are must have—BUT wired headphones can be hassle with tangled cords. So whether you need headphones to listen to your favorite new band or to hit the gym—you’ll love these—

S11-FLEX HD headphones—wireless !!!. They are Bluetooth enabled.  So you can pair them to your MP3 player, smart-phone, tablet, laptop –and the sound quality is just as good as wired HD sound.

And check out the design—it solves the common problem of your ear buds always falling out. These headphones are lightweight, balanced and adjustable for a custom fit. They are great for just about anyone on your list.

Now if you’re on the go, but still want to see what’s happening back home—check this out—it’s D-Link’s Cloud Camera 1100 ($99).

This is an easy to set up wireless camera—that uses your home’s wifi to send an streaming video to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s equipped with Night Vision and there are no monthly fees—Here I have one set up looking out from my home in Miami on Biscayne Bay (ad lib) —you can use it to keep an eye on your pets, home, valuables—from anywhere in the world.

For the families on the go, who want their entertainment BIG –check out this little 3M Streaming Projector. With it the whole family can watch movies, television shows and games. It is a big screen experience in the palm of your hand.

Best of all – it has built-in Roku technology, so you can access channels like Netflix, Hulu Pus, Amazon Instant Video and much more from anywhere with wi-fi. AND from 16 feet away you can project an image that‘s 120 inches diagonally across.  It’s a really cool gift available exclusively at