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CES 2013

published on January 8th, 2013 . by Steve Greenberg

CES is the world’s largest consumer tech trade show—1.8 million sq feet = to 37 football fields, with 15 miles of carpeted aisles–I’m working with some cool tech companies to show you some of the new products on the show floor—

One of the BIG trends this year – is that TV’s are getting bigger and bigger, 50-inch TV’s are so last year – but here’s the problem, as the TVs get bigger — the resolution (picture quality) gets worse – to solve that problem – LG is the first company to hit the market with an Ultra HD or “4K’ TV – until now the best resolution you could get was 1080p, but this LG 84-inch ULTRA HD ( ($17,000) has 4 times the resolution of your 1080p flat screen. AND if you’re to to say, “Hey Steve, there’s no 4K content for this TV” I would have to point out that today’s movies are mastered in 4K and that build into this LG set is a “resolution upscaler” that automatically boosts lower resolution to something much closer to 4K, so you can enjoy it’s benefits today.

Another HUGE trend here at CES — Tablets – and not just ordinary tablets, but ones that can replace a PC. With the speed and power of chips like the newest Intel Atom Processor, these new tablets like this Asus ME 400-C ( (starting at $499), can run the full Microsoft Office suite – including Excel and Power Point as well as Hulu and much more. These tablets are lightweight, mega-powerful and have a much longer battery life. Tables are definitely taking over here at CES.

One of the unspoken issues here at CES – is security – there are so many online and mobile security threats – and the number keeps growing – one solutions is NORTON 360 MUTLI-DEVICE ( ($99/year) What’s cool about this software is that it can protect up to 5 devices – whether they’re MAC’s PC’s Androids or IOS devices. And it not only protect against viruses, but if the device is lost or stolen you can find its location and if you can’t get it back, you can remotely wipe it clean so your data is safe from strangers. AND Norton 360 Multi-Device includes 25 Gigs of online storage to safely back-up all of your important information.

Here at CES—Apps are HUGE this year—there’s the Wall of Apps, there’s an App Lounge, and there’s a App Showdown—where people pitch app ideas

With that in mind—here are two cool apps—

This is an amazing 3D coloring App for preschoolers aged 2-6. It’s called The Drip Drops: Color the World (, and it turns your iPad into a 3D coloring book with striking new patent pending 3D technology (Broll) Here you can see one of the six main characters, Kellie, encouraging kids to use their fingers to color their world.   As they color different sections it triggers transitions from one scene to the next and “magical” special effects are unlocked. The Drip Drops: Color the World 3D Coloring App will debut in the App Store and Google Play in late January and other Drip Drops book apps are available now.

AND finally here’s another coop app – perfect for travelers like me – it’s called – TRIPIT ( It’s free and I can tell you that I use and depend on this app – it simply organizes your travel plans in one place.  All you do is take your airline, hotel, car rental confirmation emails and just forward them to – that’s it!

And like magic this app  creates an itinerary in one place – including maps and directions; it will then sync your travel information with your calendar; and it puts your total information where you need it including your confirmation numbers on your smartphone

To try it out – just forward any travel confirmation email to

It’s truly incredible.