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On the Road Again– for NBC’s TODAY SHOW

published on March 8th, 2013 . by Steve Greenberg

With the weather warming up–families will start to think about visiting Grandma and other road trips.

Here are some gadgets to make those journeys a little less bumpy

nio $69.95 –so you don’t forget your iPhone in the restaurant (or anywhere else)

Mighty Mug $14.99  –its almost like magic–this travel mug can’t tip over, but you can lift it up

GoPillow!  $29.95  –its a pillow, its a blanket–its a pillow AND a blanket

Scrubba  $59.95  –its a washing machine that fits in a knapsack

Tag Along Teddy   starts at $19.99  –perfect road trip companion– Teddy is the stuffed animal that you don’t have to worry about being left at a rest stop

iExit  learn more at  99-cents  –its an app that lets you know what services are available at which exit as you drive down the highway/Interstate –and you can set it up to give you a warning as you approach a specific brand of gas or restaurant, etc.   FREE app –Free mobile app that puts an end to texting while driving– listen to text messages and emails in real time –only for Blackberry and Android, but should launch an iOs version in a few weeks

XFLEX Tablet Stand $99.95     –maybe the most versatile tablet stand available–any tablet–many uses –from car to couch to bed– weighted base and suction cup holder makes the XFLEX very user friendly

Green Zone Bikes MSRP $429.00  –super easy to assemble and easy to transport–perfect for biking when you get to your road trip destination


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