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published on February 17th, 2015 . by Steve Greenberg

Check out these gadgets for today’s tech savvy individual


Lyve — You’ve got thousands of photos you love, now they’ll all fit on your phone regardless of storage capacity. Lyve is the free service that optimizes all of your photos so they’ll fit on your phone. So if you’ve got 50,000, 100,000 or even 200,000 photos on your computer, now you can take them all with you on your phone without using up all your storage. You can then protect this entire photo collection with one of several Lyve smart storage solutions including the Lyve Home, Lyve Studio or Lyve Drive which range in price from $49 to $299. With a Lyve smart storage solution, all existing and any new photos and videos you take are backed-up automatically to a local storage drive, giving you personal protection as well as the freedom to delete any photos and videos from your camera roll on your phone freeing up valuable space.   The free Lyve app just received an important update that adds a number of new features and improvements for both iOS and Android devices including photo editing, tagging and filters. With these enhancements you can now easily crop, enhance, filter, frame, remove red-eye and even add stickers to your photos within the Lyve app. With tagging, Lyve makes it super simple to group, sort, search and easily find your favorite photos and videos.  You can find out more about the Lyve service and download the app at  You can find Lyve Home at and in Best Buy stores nationwide. You can also download the free Lyve app at or in the iTunes or Google Play app stores.


Sengled Pulse — is a smart bulb that combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the high-quality audio of a JBL Bluetooth speaker. Pulse provides a premier home entertainment experience that you can easily control on your smart device with our free iOS or Android app.  Simply twist Pulse into any standard light socket and adjust both lighting and sound from almost any Bluetooth enabled device.  Connect up to eight Pulse speaker bulbs and experience the soaring highs and the rich stereo sound of JBL combined with warm, dimmable lighting, without the fuss of speaker wires, power cords, or an independent remote control.  Sengled Pulse, Turn it on. Turn it up.   Available online for $169.99 (Pair) at, and


Ooma – Ooma offers crystal-clear nationwide calling for free.  After purchase of the Ooma Telo, all you pay are applicable taxes and fees. Ooma also offers low international calling rates. After purchase of the Ooma Telo all you need is high-speed Internet and a regular home phone. With the Ooma Telo, you also get voicemail, call-waiting, caller-ID, 911 and more.  And you gain peace of mind with Ooma’s unique 911 Alerts feature, which immediately sends a text message or email to recipients when 911 is called from the Ooma phone number. You can upgrade to Ooma Premier service for only $9.99 a month and get over 25 advanced features like Blacklisting to stop telemarketers and other unwanted callers, sending your voice mail to email as an audio file, and a Multi-ring to ring your home phone and mobile phone at the same time. Ooma also works with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm to make your home safer and smarter. Ooma was ranked the #1 home phone service for four years running by a leading consumer research magazine (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014). The Ooma Telo is $129.99 and available at leading retailers and online destinations, including,, Best Buy, Walmart and more. For more information and an expanded list of retailers, visit


Yujin EX500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is 20% faster than most other robotic vacuums—and uses a new technology to map a room.  It has an upward facing built-in camera that uses the ceiling to map each room, it has a remote control,  you can schedule cleanings, it goes back to the charging stand by itself, it can climb over most door thresholds and carpets, and has 15 sensors.    Other features include a longer battery life (up to 180 min.)and a smart obstacle detector  making this vacuum a more powerful cleaner, quieter, and truly more advanced when  compared with competitors.  The EX500 is about $500.  There is also an EX300 for $400.   For more info go to  (EX500 Video )


Trackimo Trackimo is a tiny device about the size of a pad of butter.  It can be attached to or put in almost anything.  Once attached, the user can track where the device is located from their smartphone or computer.  Trackimo can be used to track everything from cars to bicycles to luggage to pets.  It can even be used to keep children safe.  Not only can Trackimo users track their device live, but Trackimo will send out alerts if the speed of the object tracking goes too fast or if what they are tracking goes outside a user defined geo-fence.  Keep track of anything from anywhere with Trackimo.  It is available at Amazon or on the Trackimo web site for only $139.99


Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Free App — You’ve heard of the connected home, how about the connected yard? Cub Cadet, who has launched some of the coolest innovations in the world of lawn care, has come out with the latest idea to make caring for you yard easier and more convenient. They have outfitted their brand new XT Enduro Series line of lawn tractors to be Bluetooth-enabled, sending key information about your tractor’s performance and maintenance needs right to your mobile device.  The app, called Cub Connect, provides real-time notifications of needed oil-changes and other maintenance, keeps track of all maintenance performed, and gives instant access to helpful information like how-to videos, owner’s manuals and click-to-call customer service. The app is just hitting the market and already getting some great reviews – in fact it was honored as a Bluetooth Breakthrough award finalist at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Check it out at    (Video of Lawn Tractor at )



Pelican Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus—  Pelican ProGear™ Voyager Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — Complementing the broader screen of both iPhone 6 smartphones, the Pelican ProGear™ Voyager cases are slender and lightweight, built with multiple layers of energy-absorbing materials for 360-degree protection. Crafted with the same DNA found in Pelican’s tried-and-true professional products, the Pelican ProGear™ Voyager cases are the first line of defense for safeguarding the smartphone from rugged terrain. Both cases are available in a variety of colors including black, white, green, indigo and purple. MSRP for the Pelican ProGear™ Voyager case for the iPhone 6 is $50 and Pelican ProGear™ Voyager case for the iPhone 6 Plus is $60. Pelican ProGear™    Protector Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Created with an elastomeric copolymer rubber interior to absorb shock and impact, the Pelican ProGear™ Protector case provides ultimate everyday protection for both iPhone 6 models. With simple snap together construction and an edged lip, the Pelican ProGear™ Protector case deflects energy and cushions the device in times of direct impact to prevent damage to the fragile glass surface. Available in black/blue and white/grey for Pelican ProGear™ Protector Case for the iPhone 6 and black/grey and white/pink for the iPhone 6 Plus, the Pelican ProGear™ Protector case is now available for an MSRP of $40.   Visit for more information. The cases can be purchased at the nearest AT&T store or


Baby Animals, Mammals and More! is your opportunity to meet the coolest, cutest critters. It’s like having a zoo, circus, aquarium, pet store and the Florida Everglades right in your own home… only without the mess. Baby Animals, Mammals and More! includes ponies and puppies, camels and calves, manatees and monkeys and so much more. This award winning video is filled with music, fun facts and lots of giggles. Baby Animals, Mammals and More! has been seen on PBS television and more than 50,000 copies have been sold nationwide. It’s a proven winner.  Available for purchase on Amazon $9.95 at:


Gators, Crocs and other Yucky Swamp Creatures is your opportunity to meet the coolest, cutest critters. It’s like having a zoo, circus, aquarium, pet store and the Florida Everglades right in your own home… only without the mess. Kids will meet alligators, crocodiles, exotic birds, turtles, snakes, opossums, tree frogs and a lot more–all up close and very personal. This information packed video has won a Telly Award, a Communicator Crystal Award and an EMMY Award for best Children’s program. Available for purchase on Amazon $9.95 at: