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Ho Ho Ho Here are some fun Holiday Gift Ideas

published on November 14th, 2015 . by Steve Greenberg

Steve’s Ugly Holiday Sweater— Be a sure winner this year at an Ugly Sweater Party with either of these two show-stoppers. Look like a Christmas tree with ornaments, candy canes and lights on this green sweater from The green, long sleeve sweater lights up so you can twinkle and shine throughout the party. $44.99   Be a sure-fire winner with this Knit Crackling Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater Adult, available at See it in action at Not only will you look spiffy and festive, but you’ll be as close to an open flame as possible without actually igniting on fire. Best of all, you can walk into any party and ask the predictable question, “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?” This exceptionally ugly sweater has a small pouch in the front that allows you to slide in your iTouch, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. With a knitted brick fireplace pattern, simply set your phone to any crackling fireplace video or app, slide it in and watch people around you get cozy. $54.99


BLINK — is a new, one-of-a-kind, totally wire-free home monitoring system perfect for renters and homeowners alike. As soon as motion is detected, Blink turns on instantly (within a fraction of a second) to record and capture an HD video clip that is then sent immediately to your Android or iOS mobile device as an alert through the Blink App. Prefer to just check in on your home? Blink also includes a Live View feature that makes instant home insight as easy as the tap of a button, any time and from anywhere. Ultra-affordable, Blink systems range from $79 to $289 (with no monthly fees unlike many other systems), allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind of a multi-room system for less than many others charge for just a single camera. And with its easy-to-expand design, you can add cameras as you see fit (up to 10!), to better build a system that fits your life, your needs. Blink is also compact in size and completely wire-free, meaning that set-up is simple and you have the flexibility to truly place it anywhere in your home – on a bookshelf or desk, flush on the wall, or in a corner – without having to worry about the nearest outlet or unsightly cords. And with battery life that lasts a year, as well as easy-to-replace AA lithium batteries, Blink makes system maintenance a thing of the past. For added features, it also includes night vision, free cloud storage, optional local USB storage, an auto arm/disarm function (both schedule-based and geofencing), a temperature sensor, built-in microphone, and an additional (optional) 105db alarm unit to ward off intruders. It is no surprise that Blink is a CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree! Learn more at


BlissLights COLOR — is an indoor/outdoor laserlighting fixture that projects thousands of pin points of light on to any surface.  With the addition of the built-in 16-color LED and remote control,this product brings the magic of theme parks home by combining never-before-seen laser technology with a multi-color floodlight to create alluring displays for everyday home owners. It’s easy to use and the remote control lets users choose between using it as a “firefly effect”, a high-quality accent light, or to combine the two features to create a unique light experience. Additionally, the included remote control allows users to have the option to choose between one fixed color or the ability to pick from any of the additional LED effects. The BlisslightsCOLORis a great product for the Holidays,special events, parties, and for any occasion as it is both energy efficient and weather-resistant. The fixture installs within minutes, by simply staking it in the ground or placing it on a floor mount, and the built-in timer can also be turned off or on with a simple click of a button to allow stress-free installation. The COLOR is available for $139 and can be purchased at


Adlens Interface™ – from Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear – is the must have accessory for anyone that’s spending a lot of time in front of their laptop, tablet or smartphone and at risk of digital eye strain. They are glasses that allow the wearer to adjust the optical power of each lens to focus comfortably at near, intermediate and distance vision. As well as having the adjustability to alleviate the pressure felt by eye muscles, their yellow-tinted lenses also filter out 80% of the most harmful blue light, relieving the symptoms of digital eye strain including headaches, blurred vision and eye fatigue.  At just $49.99, they make the perfect holiday gift for technology whizzes, gadget addicts, office workers and gamers. Pick-up a pair from and banish those tired eyes for good.


Seek Compact Thermal Image Camera –This holiday, give someone super powers with the Seek Compact thermal image camera. Plug it directly into your iOS or Android device and transform your smartphone into a powerful thermal imager that lets you see and read heat EVEN in complete darkness. Identify energy loss, water damage, electrical hazards, plumbing problems and more. The camera is also a personal safety tool for seeing people or animals in the night. The Seek Compact ($249) is available at Amazon and Home Depot stores nationwide.    @SeekThermal


Revell SnapTite Model Kits  – Revell, the leader in design and manufacturing of plastic model kits introduces four new model kits using the vehicles from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie made for kids 6 to 12. The SnapTite Kits require no glue or paint. The result: a fun hands-on activity that also helps build fine motor skills, the ability to follow instructions, and a sense of accomplishment as kids assemble a replica of a one of their favorite vehicles from the Star Warssaga.  Perfect for display. Available at all Michael’s stores. $12.99 to $24.99.


Star Wars Science: The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience — from Uncle Milton allows users to move Star Wars holograms with the power of their mind. Imagine you could raise an X-wing Fighter from the Dagobah swamp just like Master Yoda, or battle Darth Vader with just the power of your mind! These scenes are re-created through hologram images and a wireless headset with real brainwave sensors that read and interpret your levels of concentration. The more you concentrate, the more successful you are in moving the hologram image and successfully completing the Jedi challenge. The hologram images and Jedi challenges come through an included companion app and powered by the user’s own tablet device which projects these holograms into the unique Jedi training base. There are 10 different Jedi training levels, with Star Wars music, sound effects and voice instruction from Jedi Master Yoda. Star Wars: The Force Awakens challenges will also be available for download in Spring, 2017 after the release of the new movie.  For ages 8+ -SRP $119.99. Learn more at  ·      Available at Toys R Us, Target and Amazon  STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. And/or its affiliates © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.


Bondic — can fix virtually anything in 4-seconds! The world’s first liquid plastic welding tool, which debuted on Discovery Science Channel’s All-American Makers, has been compared to having a 3-D Printer in your pocket. Bondic® can fix everything from phone chargers to glasses, fishing lures to jewelry. Unlike glue, Bondic stays in a liquid state until a special UV light is applied, and turns it into 100% carcinogen-free hard plastic. YES, it stays liquid and won’t dry out like most glue on the market today. Bondic® is the perfect stocking stuffer and unique holiday gift, and has thousands of uses. Bondic® is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving you money by not having to replace stuff that is broken. Bondic® works on repairing and rebuilding almost every material, including wood, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, and much more. Once it has been cured, it can be sanded, shaped, and even painted! Buy Bondic® at, at local retailers, or on Amazon. Starting at $20.


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