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RING RING– it’s time to go BACK 2 SCHOOL

published on July 19th, 2016 . by Steve Greenberg

KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone — Are you prepared to send your kids out into the big bad world without a way to contact you? According to the FBI there are over 800,000 children in the USA reported missing every year that equals one child every forty seconds. It’s time to change these statistics!  When it comes to your child’s safety, you want to make sure you have the best tracking device ever. That’s why we developed the KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone.  The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone is an all-in-one device that lets your child safely explore their world without the anxiety of losing contact. Unlike other GPS trackers and simple Bluetooth tags, The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone allows parents to set a custom Geo-Fence, track three days of location history, voice monitoring, four pre-programmed speed dial numbers, a twenty number phone book, an S.O.S. button for emergencies, parental control of all incoming and outgoing numbers, no texting or Internet, program rich calling, many alert features and so much more. Plus with our intuitive Free App, available on the iOS App store and Google Play, you can monitor everything from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone is easy to carry with the included neck lanyard and is available on our website for $79.95 and service plans are available for as low as $8.33 per month (average) with an annual plan and a $20 activation fee, giving parents total piece of mind for an affordable price.  You can SAVE $10.00 off your order when you enter the coupon code SGSAVE10 in your cart.  Learn more about the KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone at

Two Lunchbox Options — Perfect for younger kids going Back to School, BUILT® introduces the Big Apple Buddies Lunch Backpack (SRP $19.99) – an insulated lunch bag designed to wear and carry like a backpack.  The Lunch Backpack has padded adjustable shoulder straps, a wipe clean interior, a zippered front pocket, quick grab top handle, and interior name tag. Made from durable polyester fabric, the Big Apple Buddies Lunch Backpack is food safe, lead safe, and phthalates and BPA-free. Available in four characters: Cornelia Kitty, Delancey Dog, Lafayette Ladybug, and Allen Alligator.  For older kids (and adults), BUILT® introduces the IceTec™ Freezable Lunch Bag (SRP $19.99).  IceTec™ helps keep food and beverages cold for hours and eliminates the need for separate ice packs.  The patent-pending, reusable Lunch Bag features a food safe freezable gel sandwiched between an insulting outside layer and cold-transmitting inside layer.  To use, fold the bag flat and place it in the freezer overnight to activate the freezable gel and it’ll be ready to use in the morning. Tested for lead safety and phthalates.  PVC and BPA-free.  Great for school, field trips, work, road trips, and more.

Hamilton Beach 3-in1 Spiralizer — Back 2 School means it is time to go back to making healthy lunches.  Heres a new must have helper, it’s the first electric spiralizer that makes healthy cooking easy with no hand fatigue. Create fun and nutritious meals with fresh vegetables and fruit by transforming them into spirals or ribbons.  Use zucchini, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, apple and more. The 3-in-1 Spiralizer includes spiral, ribbon, and grater discs. The ribbon and spiralizer discs produce long, nearly continuous “ribbons” or “strings” – perfect for making delicious “pastas,” curly fries, salads and garnishes in seconds. The grating disc grates hard foods, such as Parmesan cheese or nuts. Blades are easily changed and are stored inside the base when not in use. With two speeds and a comfortable grip handle, spiralizing is as simple as adding the food to the chamber and pressing a button. With 200 watts of power, making a large batch of homemade potato chips or zucchini noodles is no problem. Hand-crank spiralizers can be time consuming and cumbersome to use, ours makes spiralizing quick and easy.  The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Spiralizer is $39.99 and available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores,, and  Inspired? Want to learn more? Click here to watch the Hamilton Beach 3-in1 Spiralizer in action!

Catalyst Case — Let’s face it kids are tough on tech. Catalyst creates products that enable families to have the freedom to go anywhere and learn on their devices, free from worry.  An essential accessory for the new school year.  Catalyst products help families enjoy their every day adventure. Catalyst cases for iPad are 100% waterproof tested, designed to meet military?standards for impacts and are precision built for total protection wherever you go. With a grippy rubber bumper, these cases feature a clear front and clear back to showcase and compliment the design of the iPad. An integrated screen protector provides access to all features including Touch ID, Control Center and swipe notifications and generously sized ports accommodate most aftermarket charge cables and headphone jacks. Catalyst’s unique air and watertight acoustic membranes allow clear sound transmission into and out of the case while a bonus stand packs flat for convenience and makes watching movies or FaceTime calls a breeze.Through Labor Day, Catalyst is offering a 10% discount for back to school purchases of all Catalyst products on –   PROMO CODE STEVETV10 The pricing is as follows: 12.9” is $149.99, 9.7” is $119.99 and the Mini 4 is $89.99


Enbrighten LED Cafe String Lights by Jasco — Transform the entire look and feel of a dorm room with Enbrighten LED Cafe String Lights by Jasco. The stylish bulbs are made of solid acrylic that won’t break if dropped or stepped on and are rated for year-round use. Not only do you not have to worry about them shattering, but you also never have to worry about changing the bulbs because Enbrighten LEDs are built to last a lifetime and will never burn out. Another defining feature that makes these perfect for dorm life are the advanced cool-to-touch LED bulbs that don’t get hot, so they’re much safer to use than traditional Christmas lights or fairy lights, which often put off heat and are not rated for permanent use year-round. Adding Enbrighten Cafe String Lights turns cold cave-like dorm rooms into a fun inviting space for students. Whether you drape them across the wall, wrap the bedposts or light up a study space, the soft ambient glow is perfect for those long study nights or just relaxing with friends. With a plug on one side and outlet on the other, you can connect multiple lights together to fit any space. By plugging them into easy to use accessories like a Bluetooth Smart Switch or TouchSmart Timer means controlling the lights from the free app or with the touch of a button and not having to unplug them from the outlet under the bed. These accessories also allow you to set up schedules and set times you want the lights to shine creating an affordable, customizable, chic lighting option that is loved by college students everywhere. Enbrighten Cafe LED string lights are available in 5 different sizes ranging from 12 ft. up to 48 ft. Starting at $39.99, they are available nationwide at Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Walmart,, Meijer, and others. Learn more at

Luci Color — is an inflatable solar light that collapses flat so you can take bold vibrant light wherever you go! Just place it in direct sunlight for 7 hours and Luci Color will last up to 6 hours on a single charge. Luci Color shines in eight shades: red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, orange, white, or you can cycle through them all in the color-changing mode. A convenient battery level indicator located near the light’s highly efficient solar panel lets you know just how much power is left so you know when it’s time to charge it in the sun again. Like all Luci lights, it’s completely waterproof – so go ahead, throw it in the pool, bring it to that concert, and turn your kid’s bathtime into playtime. Because it’s solar and completely safe, Luci Color is great for a playroom or used as a night light. The super colorful LEDs make it just the right accessory to deck out your dorm room, or string some together and take your party to the next level. Home decor never looked so colorful. MPOWERD is a socially-conscious company that wants to empower the 1.5 billion people in low-income countries still living without electricity by delivering Luci lights at prices they can afford. The more we sell, the greater impact we make, so every purchase makes a difference. Luci Color retails at $24.95 and is available at


ChargeLeash – is the first Charge &Sync Smart USB cable designed to eliminate the loss of chargers for portable devices. It also reduces e-waste, reduces vampire power and offers anti-theft protection for expensive cell phones and other mobile devices. The ChargerLeash Smart cable with Loss Prevention Technology is equipped with an audible alarm that reminds its user to take the charging cable with them when they disconnect their mobile devices.  This electronics accessory was created specifically to solve the problem of forgotten chargers. Just as the name implies, this cable “leashes” your device to its power source, issuing an audible alert when you unplug your device. ChargerLeash is the perfect cable for the business traveler that does not want to lose their charger or cord while on the road… or at home. The cost is $15.99-$19.99 and available at Amazon, in airport Inmotion stores, and .


thingCHARGER — takes your average wall socket and turns it into a universal charging station. Slip it over your three-pronged plugs, and there’s no need to negotiate between your alarm, lamp, phone, and laptop. Aside from two standard outlets, thingCHARGER has two built-in USB ports and a top that doubles as a charging dock for your phone or tablet. To use the dock, the included lightning and micro-USB tips let you power up Apple and other brands of devices. That comes in handy for friends and family with different digital allegiances. $39.95


PowerCube – is a modern reinvention of the traditional power strip. It offers more functionality—like two added USB ports—and is made to look better, too. Charge your smartphone, tablet and more with this USB outlet adapter that also offers four traditional power outlets. The clever cube shape erases the problem of having two plugs that are too big to fit next to each other. On PowerCube, you can use every single outlet. You can even stack PowerCubes to get more outlets as needed. PowerCube looks better than power strips or extension cords, and it’s far easier to keep within reach. With optional mounting accessories, it can be put on a desk, under a table—wherever you need power. No more crawling behind furniture to reach outlets. $14.95 or $30 with USB


Tablift – Using your tablet in bed or on the couch is less than ideal for viewing—not to mention uncomfortable. But we all try to do it anyway. Tablift holds your tablet for you, safely mounting it on top of bendy legs that stay stable on uneven surfaces. Your tablet fits in the tray and is secured by a bungeed clip. Adjust the legs to whatever height is ideal. It’s that easy—your tablet is elevated to eye level, and you’re ready to relax without holding it awkwardly or cramping your neck. $39.95


SunJack – Electronic devices are supposed to make us more mobile, but instead often tie us to a power outlet. Thanks to SunJack, that’s no longer an issue. This durable, high-efficiency solar device charger powers phones and tablets at wall-socket speed. Everything you need is included: a foldable solar panel with 2A USB ports, an ultra-slim lithium-polymer battery, a fast-charge battery cable, and carabiners that let SunJack hang in a variety of ways. Founder Harold Tan has spent years in the solar industry, and set out to design a robust, portable solar power source. SunJack folds to about the size of an iPad and can fully charge most phones in 90 minutes—twice the speed of standard solar chargers. It holds enough energy for up to eight smartphones after just five hours in the sun. $150


ChatLight – is portable selfie and video chat lighting—it uses a soft, flattering LED to enhance your FaceTime sessions, Skype meetings, and even selfies. $29.95


Verilux Portable Sanitizing Wand — Like magic, this sanitizing wand uses powerful UV-C technology to kill up to 99.9% of viruses, germs, certain molds and allergens on hard, non-porous surfaces. A Verilux wand destroys odor-causing bacteria in its tracks, and also kills up to 99% of H1N1 and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in just one second. You’ll feel like a magician when you whip out your CleanWave portable sanitizing wand and kill bacteria and germs in your hotel room in a flash. From the ATM to the office, and the hotel room to your own home, this CleanWave wand is one powerful UV-C light wand that unlocks antimicrobial power on non-food, non-human and non-pet surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals or residues.  The wand is safe on hard, non-porous surfaces (not for use on food, humans or pets) 4 AA batteries required, but not included. Available at $49.95

Bondic – can fix virtually anything in 4-seconds! The world’s first liquid plastic welding tool, which debuted on Discovery Science Channel’s All-American Makers, has been compared to having a 3-D Printer in your pocket. Bondic® can fix everything from phone chargers to glasses, fishing lures to jewelry. Unlike glue, Bondic stays in a liquid state until a special UV light is applied, and turns it into 100% carcinogen-free hard plastic. YES, it stays liquid and won’t dry out like most glue on the market today. Bondic® is the perfect stocking stuffer and unique holiday gift, and has thousands of uses. Bondic® is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving you money by not having to replace stuff that is broken. Bondic® works on repairing and rebuilding almost every material, including wood, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, and much more. Once it has been cured, it can be sanded, shaped, and even painted! Buy Bondic® at, at local retailers, or on Amazon. Starting at $20.


Baby Animals, Mammals and More! is your opportunity to meet the coolest, cutest critters. It’s like having a zoo, circus, aquarium, pet store and the Florida Everglades right in your own home… only without the mess. Baby Animals, Mammals and More! includes ponies and puppies, camels and calves, manatees and monkeys and so much more. This award winning video is filled with music, fun facts and lots of giggles. Baby Animals, Mammals and More! has been seen on PBS television and more than 50,000 copies have been sold nationwide. It’s a proven winner!  Available for purchase on Amazon at:


Gators, Crocs and other Yucky Swamp Creatures is your opportunity to meet the coolest, cutest critters. It’s like having a zoo, circus, aquarium, pet store and the Florida Everglades right in your own home… only without the mess. Kids will meet alligators, crocodiles, exotic birds, turtles, snakes, opossums, tree frogs and a lot more–all up close and very personal. This information packed video has won a Telly Award, a Communicator Crystal Award and an EMMY Award for best Children’s program. Available for purchase on Amazon at: