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CES 2017 “Sounds” Very Cool

published on December 30th, 2016 . by Steve Greenberg

For 50 years, CES has served as a launch pad for the newest tech innovations. This year, the conference is celebrating its Golden Anniversary with a lineup that won’t be short on “WHOA” moments.


First up—another brand celebrating a milestone—70 years’ young, JBL is announcing several exciting products—Check out the new JBL Pulse 3 ($199.95)—this portable Bluetooth speaker gives you 360° of surround music pleasure—you can actually pair the sound to a fully customizable LED light show—AND it’s waterproof, so it’s the perfect for the beach/pool. And it’s built-in rechargeable battery keeps going up to 12 hours.


JBL is also showcasing the JBL BassPro Go ($599.95)— the first audio system that can be used both inside and outside the car—whether listening through your car audio system or as a portable Bluetooth speaker, this powerful bass goes where you go.


This next one—JBL Soundgear ($199.95)—offers a whole new way to experience personal sound — the wear-able sound device is designed to be worn around the neck for hands-free and ear-free listening—it connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and virtual reality headsets such as the Google Daydream or the Samsung Gear.


Next—the AKG N60 NC Wireless ($299.95)— is the ultimate travel companion with no wires to hold you down—PLUS with Active Noise Cancelling technology, you can tune out annoying sounds like the hum of a plane or train.

And a look at the future of driving —HARMAN is partnering with prototype concept vehicle manufacturer, Rinspeed, to offer an intelligent, autonomous self-driving vehicle. With the complete Microsoft Office suite and voice-controlled virtual assistant, full-windshield “head-up” display technology and lots more, this vehicle offers the ultimate user experience.


And finally for that “head-up” display on your own car TODAY—check out NavdyHARMAN is partnering with Navdy to offer an augmented reality driving device—this one is a real “whoa moment”—Navdy is the world’s first AFTERmarket heads-up driving (HUD) device—leveraging.  I’ve had it in my car– and really love it.

Using “Augmented Reality,” it projects car, phone, navigation, texts and music info directly into the driver’s line of sight—so no more looking away to see your phone or a dashboard screen—all the info is right there in front of the windshield and you don’t take your eyes off the road to see it.


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