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Tech The Halls with Holiday Gadgets 2017

published on November 19th, 2017 . by Steve Greenberg

If you want to know about the ugly holiday sweater I’m wearing, and it is UGLY– I got this ugly sweater from, the largest online consignment and thrifty shop. has more than one-thousand of pre-owned/pre-loved one-of-a-kind ugly sweaters for men and women, most for under 20 dollars. This one is around $20


Flitt Flying Selfie Camera (   Say “hello” to your new BFF (Best Flying Friend)!  Fly, shoot and share, Flitt takes aerial selfies and high-flying video of your social gatherings and with just a tap of a button you can instantly share those memories across your favorite social media apps.  Absolutely NO flying experience needed.  Seriously!  Download the free IOS or Android app, connect to Flitt’s private WiFi (no public, home or office WiFi network needed), and take to the air with the push of a button.  Flitt’s optical positioning flight technology enables it to hover in-place, indoors or out, while you turn your best moments into memories from an entirely new perspective.  Put creativity into your photos and videos with Flitt’s 1.3MP, 720p HD camera features: 0-90-degree range of adjustability, Friction Lock™ that prevents unwanted changes in your camera angle setting, a burst mode that captures up to 15- action images sequentially and a 3- or 10-second photo timer allows you to put your smartphone down and strike a pose.  Images and videos are automatically stored on your phone, in the Flitt app and on a microSD card (sold separately).  Flitt has a replaceable 1S LiPo battery that delivers up to 9-minutes of flight time, 25% more than competitors, and recharges in 60-minutes with the USB cable and battery charger provided.   Never worry about missing THE shot by using spare batteries, which are sold separately.  When not in flight, Flitt’s arms and propellers fold into the body leaving an easy to carry device about the size of a candy bar. Flitt fits perfectly into your pocket, backpack or purse.  Flitt is available on Amazon for $99. For more info go to   For a step-up in technology check out C-me (  This flying 8MP digital still and full HD 1080P video camera uses GPS for outdoor flight, which enables flying features such as “follow me,” “find me” and “return to me.”  Smaller than a smart phone the C-me is also designed for take-it-anywhere use.  Its MSRP is $219 and available now at Best Buy.


Lightseekers — The hottest category in Gaming and Toys is “connected play” and Lightseekers is disrupting the industry in many ways.  Built for mobile devices, Lightseekers fuses together fantasy and reality, integrating video games (free downloadable App available on iTunes App Store and Google+) and the “smartest” smart action figures with the latest in technology including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), interactive trading cards and so much more.  The FusionCore is the high-tech, powerful mini-computer that’s embedded within each action figure and the “brains” behind he smart connected toys, allowing the game to seamlessly connect to the smart action figure.   See for yourself as you use the action figure to control the game!  A crucial piece to the transmedia world is also the interactive collectible trading card game as it further enhances the Lightseekers universe.  Each card, when scanned into the game delivers immersive augmented reality experiences, rewards game players and unlocks powerful in-game abilities.  The Starter Pack includes one Smart Action Figure, a Weapon/Accessory, FusionCore Minicomputer and 5 Augmented Reality Trading Cards, 1 Unique Tribute Card and a mini USB Charger for $69.99 available now on and Amazon. For more info go to:

Here’s the Lightseekers BRoll:


Sharper Image RC Flip Stunt Rally – This remote control car is actually two cars in one! The dual sided flip design makes it easy to perform stunts like 360-degree spins and flips. Speed ahead with the high-performance rubber tires and extra-bright LED headlights. You can find the Sharper Image RC Flip Stunt Rally Vehicle exclusively at TargetKohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99. It’s for ages 6 and up. If you’re in New York, stop by the first-ever Sharper Image pop-up location at 4 Times Square – open through the holiday season – and try the RC car as well as other products before you buy



Behmor Connected Brewer — is the world’s first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified smart brewer, with brew temperature control, pulse pouring, pre-infusion, and more. The Behmor Connected offers the latest smart technology, with both Amazon Alexa and Dash Replenishment compatibility. Home users with Alexa devices can make up to 8 cups of barista-quality coffee from the comfort of their chair, simply by saying, “Alexa, ask Behmor to start brewing my coffee.” Through the Dash Replenishment Service built into the app, users can set the Brewer to automatically reorder coffee beans from Amazon whenever supplies are running low, meaning they will never run out again. This isn’t just about good coffee though, it’s also about doing good. Through the Behmor Inspired program, Behmor has donated $285,000 of equipment to coffee-producing cooperatives around the world – something that has the potential to positively benefit 200,000 people worldwide.  Behmor Brewer is $134 and is available at Roastmasters, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel and Amazon.  Here’s a link to the Amazon page:   For more info go to:



JBL Soundgear offers a whole new way to enjoy music on the go. This unique, wearable wireless speaker is designed to be worn around the neck so listeners can completely immerse themselves in JBL’s Signature Sound, while remaining aware of their surroundings. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and virtual reality headsets and packs in 6 hours of playback time. Whether tackling household chores, office work, walking the dog, engaging in virtual reality or watching movies and TV from a smart device, the JBL Soundgear creates a personal sound zone without disturbing others. The wearable device’s built-in echo and noise cancelling microphone also enables you to make crystal clear voice calls – for your ears only,  free of background noise, while providing the convenience of hands-free use. It retails for $199.95 and is available in black and grey at and select retailers.


TouchPoints – Holidays have you stressed out? This could be the solution. According to the company—TouchPoints can significantly reduce stress in just 30 seconds. The company says it was developed over the last 10-years by a neuropsychologist and can safely and non-invasively reduce stress by 71% in 30 seconds, improve sleep, help focus and performance, and even reduce cravings. Gift sets come complete with two TouchPoints (one for each side of the body), dual chargers, a carrying bag, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Wear TouchPoints on wrists like a traditional wearable or hide them in pockets, socks, tank top straps, or clip them to waistbands or belts. Simply turn on both devices and TouchPoints helps your nervous system calm down while you go about your day. Give yourself or someone else the gift of calm, order yours now and enjoy the holiday season. TouchPoints kits begin at $135 and can be purchased at


RunLites — are a perfect solution for any type of nighttime or low-light activity, from running, cycling, dog walking, hiking or other everyday activities where you need to see the road and be seen by motorists and pedestrians. RunLites are patented wearable safety products in the form of gloves made of breathable fabric with lightweight Velcro-secured rechargeable LED lights, that go from 40 to 80 lumens with a push of the button. The gloves have reflective strips and accents to help the pedestrian be seen. The RunLites LEDs provides a 135-degree radial arc of light up to 40 feet ahead to increase the wearer’s visibility. As a runner and full time working mother, founder Mary Tiffin could only find time to exercise at night and was frustrated by the inefficiency of flashlights and headlamps, but knew running in the dark was dangerous. RunLites replace clunky and uncomfortable head lamps, light-up vests, clip-on lights, and handheld lights that limit the use of your hands. Runners, Cyclists, Dog walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts all love this latest solution to see and be seen in low light areas. Runlites start at $40 and are available at











Tech Out the Holidays

published on November 14th, 2017 . by Steve Greenberg

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